How medical examiner’s autopsy report revealed that the coroner’s son died at home

A medical examiner has revealed that her son’s death at home in 2012 was caused by a heart attack, but that the family did not want to disclose his cause.

Key points:The coroner’s office says the death was accidental in natureThe family says they did not think he was a paedophileWhen the coroner took the findings of the autopsy into consideration, the family changed their mindsMedical examiner Lisa Sorensen’s report into the death of her son, Michael Lister, states that he died from “unspecified natural causes”.

The report also says Michael died of a “cardiac arrhythmia”, a heart condition caused by “cardio-respiratory arrest”, but the family wanted to protect their privacy.

The coronial inquest was closed for five days, with the family saying it had to make sure the coroner was able to make his final findings public.

“The coroner made the findings and then he made the decision that he would not disclose any information about them.”

That’s why we have changed the report so that it is not about that,” Ms Sorenesen told ABC News.”

We have changed it so that we do not have any information that could potentially cause a conflict of interest.

“Ms SoreNSen says the family have been advised that the report will not be made public.

The coroner is expected to make a final report in about a fortnight, and Ms Sornesen says she is confident it will be “thorough and fair”.”

The family is really relieved and happy to get that done,” she said.”

I think there is some good news in that we have had the coronial report completed, and I think we are pleased with that.

“But the family has not decided what the findings will be.”

At the end of the day, that’s what the family wants to know,” Ms Goss said.”[They’re] really happy that the inquest has been completed and they are going to know what the outcome of that will be, and it’s also been made clear to us that the coronials inquest is not public information.”‘

I’m going to go through my family and my friends’The coroner was the coroner for the State of Queensland, but the inquest will be held at a separate coronial court in Tasmania.