How to get an ‘examiner’ license

An Examiner reporter has been caught on camera making racially insensitive comments about white women.

The report, which appears to be an internal memo from an agency, alleges that the reporter’s comments about White women were insensitive and racist.

Examiner has been called a “hotbed of hate” by many for its coverage of the shooting death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

In the video, the reporter says, “I just think it’s so wrong for white women to be treated like second-class citizens, like the majority, like they don’t deserve the same opportunities that everybody else does.”

Examining the incident, the memo says, “[I]t is an insult to the very concept of ‘white women.'”

The Examiner says it has reached out to the reporter to apologize for the comments.

The Examiner has reachedout to the Reporter for comment.