Irish Examiner

article The Irish Examiner has confirmed that a woman has been reported missing by her ex-husband, who was reportedly looking for her in Dublin.

She was last seen in her home in Kilmainham on January 23, the paper reported.

In a statement to the paper, an anonymous woman said her ex had been looking for his ex-wife since the end of 2016.

The woman, who has not been identified, said her husband was in Dublin for a job interview and had not seen his ex since the start of the year.

She said he did not want her to travel to Dublin to look for her.

The report said that on January 22, she reported her husband missing and he returned to Dublin the following day.

The newspaper reported that a search team searched the property on February 2.

They recovered two black bags from a storage shed on the property.

The search was suspended after a week and a half, it said.

It said gardaí have not yet confirmed that her ex is missing.

On January 25, garda sources said they were concerned that the woman had not returned to the property in Kilminham.

A garda source told the paper that she had been out for a visit to the local pub with her friend, who had been drinking, when she did not return.

A search team was called to the premises but she was not seen.

On February 2, the woman’s ex-boyfriend called her claiming she had run away.

He claimed she had left Ireland and he had tracked her to Dublin.

He had given her a number to call her family.

In the wake of the disappearance, gardai said they have received several calls from people who have been searching for the woman.

Gardaí said they do not have the resources to pursue a criminal investigation.

In Dublin, Dublin District Court was told that a man and woman were arrested in the early hours of Sunday.

They appeared in court on charges of theft, criminal damage and possession of burglary tools.