New report says PM Modi ‘very nervous’ over digital autopsy

Google News search for “digital forensic examiner” yields more than a thousand results.

The findings of the report by a special task force set up by the Indian government in December to review the digital autopsy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, released on Wednesday, suggest he is “very nervous” about the procedure, according to the report.

Modi was found dead on April 7 in his residence in the northern city of Pune, after a short illness.

The Indian authorities have said he had died from cardiac arrest.

Modis death prompted an outcry in the United States, where the White House said on Tuesday that Modi’s death would prompt a broader examination of the countrys health-care system.

“It is deeply troubling that the prime minister has not been informed about the possibility of digital forensic examination,” the White Houses press secretary said in a statement.

“The Indian government should have acted earlier to address the health crisis that has affected millions of Indians and all Americans.”

The report said Modi was “very anxious” about digital forensic examinations, and his family and closest advisers were worried he would not make the trip to the US, as scheduled.

The report did not indicate whether the PM’s wife, Rajesh, had been informed of the investigation into his death.

Modiy, who has not yet returned from the US since his inauguration in May, has repeatedly criticized the digital forensic system, saying it is a “black hole”.

He has been under pressure to reveal details of his death and to explain why he has not made a public statement.

Modisey had repeatedly rejected claims by Indian media that he had dementia and has been unable to walk.