Nj Bar Examiners: How to write a report on your exam

New Jersey bar examers are learning how to do their job better, thanks to a new online training video.

A new online class titled “Nj Bar Experience” is offering bar exam graduates the opportunity to practice answering bar exam questions online in the New Jersey State Bar exam.

The course is offered in the United States and New Zealand and costs $150.

A video of the course, titled “The Njbar Experience,” was uploaded by the New York City-based Bar Exam Club on Tuesday, according to Bar Exam club.

It can be watched here:The Bar Exam Clubs New York and New Jersey chapters have created a similar class called “The Bar Experience: NjBar, the New New Jersey Bar Exam.”

The videos of the New Brunswick-based class, called “Bar Experience: Bar Exam” and “Bar Exam: New Brunswick,” are available on Bar Exam clubs website.

New Brunswick bar exam officials say they expect more of these online courses to be available.

The New Brunswick Bar Exam Board plans to hold a series of events in the coming months that will include more courses and training sessions, according the board’s website.

The videos are being offered through a partnership between the New JBBE Board of Directors and the New London Bar Exam Association, the board said in a statement.