Wisconsin examiner’s office denies reports that she received $15M in ‘pay-to-play’ contracts

The office of the Wisconsin examiner is denying reports that the office received millions in payments from a consulting firm to cover legal fees incurred in a corruption investigation.

The office of Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced Friday that it is reviewing reports from the media, but not publicly.

The news came as a special prosecutor filed a criminal complaint against former state lawmakers, the former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and three other Democrats in a bid to remove them from office.

The investigation into corruption involving a special election for the state’s governor last year has been referred to the Office of Special Counsel.

The press release from Schimels office says the office is reviewing the reports and has no further comment.

Oregon State University examiner to resign after sexual harassment allegations

A University of Oregon college administrator has resigned after a female college student accused him of sexual harassment, according to a statement from the university.

The university released a statement late Monday saying it has suspended William W. Gaskin, a former administrator, for “indefensible conduct,” including “sexual harassment, assault, intimidation, and retaliation against a female employee.”

Gaskin was hired in 2014 by the university to run a faculty-wide training program for college administrators.

His departure comes just days after the school issued a formal apology to the female student, saying it had not acted quickly enough to respond to her allegations of sexual assault and retaliation.

Gaskins resignation comes just weeks after the college issued a full apology to her, saying in a statement that it had “deeply regretted the actions and failed to respond appropriately.”