Which Washington state medical examiner says the bodies of two women are actually missing?

WASHINGTON — A medical examiner in the Washington state capital, Seattle, has determined the bodies recovered in the Columbia River Gorge, where the two women were last seen alive, are not theirs.

A Washington State Patrol helicopter found the bodies Monday near the town of Greenbrier, where they had been found earlier.

The bodies were found near the edge of the gorge in a large lake and in a ditch, the WSP said.

No other information was immediately available.

The WSP described the women as:Jennifer McKeown, 38, a former Navy officer and father of two; Kristina McMillon, 29, a mother of three; and Kimberly McMillon-Johnson, 35, a grandmother of five.

A friend of the McKeows, who lives in Greenbrie, Wash., said the family was surprised to learn that they were the victims.

“We’re a little stunned.

It’s a shock,” said Kristina McKinnon, who did not want to give her last name.

“We are devastated by it.

It breaks our hearts.

We don’t know what happened to them.”

The bodies of Jennifer McKeoons and Kristina McMullinsons, pictured, were found in the river on Monday, Aug. 15, 2017, in Columbia, Wash.

The Washougal County Sheriff’s Office says the two victims were reported missing on Aug. 8.

A WSP spokesman said the bodies were identified by a DNA test.

The women were reported dead Aug. 6 when they failed to return from a vacation to Maui, Hawaii.

The coroner said they were last known to be seen on Sept. 1 in the same area where the women were found.

The sheriff’s office said the two men are believed to have been involved in the robbery of a local business.

They were not immediately identified.

McKinnon-Johnson’s mother, a nurse, said the McKoons were both well-known in their community.

She said she hoped they would find a home and find a new life.

The two women disappeared from their home in the city of Seattle on Sept 3.

It was unclear whether they were taken to the hospital, but they were not found alive.

McKeoans family has called on authorities to investigate the two murders as a possible hate crime.

“This is a horrible tragedy that should not have happened and we will not accept a criminal justice system that fails to protect the victims,” said her mother, Michelle McKeon.

“This is not a hate crime and the perpetrator should not be prosecuted.

We have no idea where these women are or what they were doing.”

Mass. Medical Examiner Claims Driver Exam ‘Wasn’t Right’ After Claiming Driver’s Ear Wasn’t Detected

A medical examiner in Massachusetts has alleged that a driver’s ear was never detected, after the alleged incident occurred on the wrong side of the road.

MassLive reports that the medical examiner was speaking on behalf of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles when the alleged accident occurred on Interstate 93.

The accident was captured on a police dashcam video.

A witness claimed that the driver of a car was driving down the right side of I-93, and he claimed that his driver’s license and registration showed he was the driver.

When the driver attempted to stop the car, the witness said, he was pulled over by troopers.

According to the report, he claims that he was told by the trooper that his license plate number was incorrect and that he should have reported the incident to the DMV.

The report goes on to claim that the trooper then said that the license plate was correctly registered and that the vehicle had been pulled over because it was driving on the left.

The trooper did not say that the accident was intentional.

The driver of the car allegedly did not have his license or registration on him at the time, but the driver’s report does show that he had a valid Massachusetts license plate.

The medical examiner did not immediately respond to a request for comment.