How do you define cross examination?

The question was asked in this week’s episode of the podcast.

The question is as follows: “The definition of cross examination is ‘to ask the question in a way that gives a false impression of what the answers are’.” The BBC website is currently in the process of removing the cross examination question from the answer to the cross-examination question.

As you might imagine, cross examination tends to elicit some heated responses.

The episode’s answer to that question has been posted on Reddit, and the responses are full of the usual suspects.

But the episode’s answers are a bit more nuanced.

The BBC website has the following statement: “If the question is posed in a reasonable way and does not involve deception, then it is not cross examination.

The definition of a reasonable question is a question which is reasonably designed to ask the right question, without making the subject appear to be misleading or untruthful.”

This is true of the question about how the UK is prepared for the coming Brexit talks, but it’s not the only cross-exam question on offer.

Here’s a list of questions that have been posed in the past week or so, some of which you might find particularly interesting:The BBC’s FAQ on cross-dressing also includes the question of “whether it’s legal to cross-dress”.

“The answer is no,” the BBC says.

“There is no legal obligation to cross dress, and if someone were to ask this question, I would be happy to answer it.”

And, as a disclaimer, this is a podcast in which we do not condone or encourage cross-sex cross-Dressing.