How the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office Is Investigating the Murder of an Oklahoma Woman’s Friend

The Oklahoma Medical Examiners Office is investigating the death of a woman’s friend after an autopsy revealed a massive brain injury.

Kaitlyn Bessette, 31, was found in a ditch in northwest Oklahoma on Friday after she disappeared from a motel room with her friend, Kendra Allen, 24.

The two were in the motel with a friend on Saturday when they were killed.

Kendra Allen (left) and Kendra Besset were found in the same ditch.

(Facebook) Bessettes friend had been in a relationship with Allen for six months, but they had only met once.

Bessets friend’s father told ABC affiliate WFAA that Allen and Bessett had a good relationship.

They had been together since they were 16, according to WFIA.

Allen was found at a motel in the town of Nederland, about 10 miles west of Tulsa, about two hours north of Oklahoma City.

The coroner’s office found a massive head injury and other injuries that included abrasions to the back of the neck, according the Tulsa World.

Authorities said the cause of death is asphyxia by hanging.

Allen and the victim had been out together.

Bessones father told WFAAA that Besson was going out with her brother when she was discovered in the ditch.

Allen was not in the car.

Authorities have not released any information about a motive for the killing.

Allen has not been identified, but family members said she was in a romantic relationship with Besson.

Besson was from Omaha, Nebraska, according for the Oklahoman newspaper.

She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in journalism.

Her brother, Daniel Besson, told the newspaper that Kendra had been a great friend.

“Kendra was a beautiful girl.

We miss her so much,” Daniel Bessetter told the Omaha World-Herald.

“She was always a good sport.

She never fought.

She was always friendly.

She loved life.

She wanted to make a difference.”

Allen had been the subject of a massive search by the search and rescue group, the Oklahoma Search and Rescue Association, which also conducted the autopsy.

The search team said they found Besson’s body in the dirt.

According to the Associated Press, a man who identified himself as Kendra’s friend told ABC News that Kendras body had been found on Friday.

Kendra has not yet been identified.

Police are continuing to investigate the case.