Why does the DVR examiner not check your blood pressure before you can watch your TV?

Posted December 09, 2018 07:58:47 When you’re going through a physical exam, your doctor might check your heart rate, your breathing rate, and other measurements, according to Ars Technic.

That data could help them decide whether you’re healthy enough to watch TV.

It’s the same standard that’s used to determine whether you’ve passed a drug test or not.

But the DVVR examiner doesn’t check your body temperature to see if you’re sick, so that data isn’t collected.

And if it were, it wouldn’t be able to tell you if you have an allergy to blood or air.

The examiner doesn

What’s the difference between a medical examiner and a forensic doctor?

An examination day is a day when the family member of the deceased is questioned about the cause of death, the amount of drugs used and other medical and forensic findings.

The deceased is expected to undergo tests and be given a detailed report before the coronavirus investigation is concluded.

A coronaviruses diagnosis has to be made by a doctor who has undergone the test and medical examinations of the person’s relatives.

The process is often a stressful one, said Rajiv Gupta, a professor of pathology at IIT-Delhi.

“There are often issues in the family,” he said.

“You cannot ask a patient to say what their friends were doing before they died.

You cannot say the person is doing yoga, smoking or taking drugs.

They have to be in the same room with the deceased.”

The coronaviral illness is spreading like wildfire in India.

At the moment, the country is witnessing a rapid rise in deaths from the virus.

The number of people infected is more than 30,000.

In the capital, Delhi, the death toll is at a staggering 4,100, the highest number in the world.

The city has seen a rise in the number of deaths, from about 12,000 in the beginning of the pandemic to nearly 35,000 as of now.

There are fears that more deaths may soon be recorded in the city.

“It’s like a pandemic, people are dying in front of their eyes.

The coronavirinces are increasing and the death rate is rising,” said Jaspreet Singh, a former Delhi police inspector and a member of a local anti-corruption committee.