County medical examiner is examining body of former nurse whose body was found on bridge

A county medical examiner has begun examining the body of a former nurse who died in the water off the Potomac River, according to the agency’s report.

The body was discovered by a motorist and a state trooper on Saturday.

It was not immediately known what caused the death.

State police say they were responding to a report of a body in the river after a man reported seeing the body floating on the river near the Maryland-Virginia border.

State police spokesman Capt. John Thomas said state troopers were conducting a search of the river, but no further details were available.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death remains ongoing, he said.

The body of MaryAnn Pappas, 55, was found floating in the Potoms River by a woman and a Maryland state trooper in Loudoun County on Saturday, according a release from the Maryland Department of the Environment.

MaryAnn Papps was last seen at a residence in the Washington, D.C., area on Friday, but her body was never recovered.

Pappas had worked as a nurse in Bethesda, Maryland, since 2013.

She was scheduled to be transferred to a Maryland hospital Thursday.

The D.O.E. said in a release Saturday that Papps had been a registered nurse at Bethesda-area hospitals, including St. Mary’s Hospital and Bethesda Naval Medical Center.

She had recently been discharged from a VA hospital in Bethesda.

In the D.A.’s report, which was obtained by The Washington Post, the body was described as having a “narrow neckline” with short, black hair, but the D of E could not determine whether it was Pappa’s.

A postmortem examination was scheduled for Monday.