How to use your Google Docs for cross-examination debate

Google Doc has an option for cross examination debate.

You can ask questions of people to ask your Google doc, which can be a handy tool if you have a long-term relationship with a particular person.

Here are five useful Google Doc tools for cross examinations.


Google Doc for cross examiners: “A list of all questions that can be asked about a person’s legal case, the facts of the case, or the case’s legal issues.

You may also be asked questions about the case itself, and the legal questions themselves.

These can be really helpful if you are trying to figure out the truth behind a case or a witness’s testimony.”

Source Hacker News 2.

Google doc for cross interviewers: “This is a great tool to have on your phone when you want to answer questions about someone else.

You’ll be able to ask questions like: What are you thinking about?

Are you trying to defend yourself?

Are the things that you said true?

Are they true?

Do you think that what you said is true?

Or are you trying a different angle?

This can be especially useful if you want a more in-depth look into a case, like an ex-girlfriend.

You might even want to look at the documents, which will give you more insight into what’s going on in the case.”

Source The Verge 3.

GoogleDoc for cross examiner: “Use this to ask probing questions about other people’s legal matters.

You get to see what the legal arguments are about, and how they may or may not have been decided in court.

You have a great opportunity to question witnesses in a courtroom, and you can even use this to get answers from other people.”

Source TechCrunch 4.

Google docs for cross interviewer: “You can ask your colleagues questions about their work.

If you ask questions about your team’s accomplishments, it will show up in your Google docs.

If someone asks a question about a competitor, it’ll show up as a separate list of questions, too.”

Source Reddit 5.

Google documents for cross examineers:”If you have multiple cases, you’ll have a list of other people who’ve taken a look at a case.

This list is a good place to get help on how the lawyers and/or investigators might have handled the case.

The list of people who have looked at a particular case may help you narrow down the questions you ask, and it can help you decide which questions to ask a witness.

Google is a pretty great resource for this kind of thing, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you need help getting answers.”