Why can’t I see an endoscopic exam?

Posted October 27, 2018 06:53:57 A national examination of endoscopic examinations for health care workers is being held in Delhi, which has seen a sharp rise in patients dying during the past two years.

The national examiner’s office said that more than 70 per cent of patients who are undergoing endoscopic exams are unable to undergo the exam because of various reasons.

In the last two years, there have been nearly 500 cases of cardiac arrest and almost 1,000 patients have died during cardiac examination, said N.N. Singh, director of the national examiner.

He said that most patients with severe cardiac arrest are being examined at the endoscopic level, so the examination is performed in the hospital as well.

The examination consists of a series of tests, including a CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a PET scan, blood tests and electrocardiogram (ECG) to monitor the patient’s health.

Singh said that the examination can take between two and four hours.