Why is it still a mystery why a Massachusetts medical examiner’s office hasn’t released the names of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings?

By Alex GriswoldThe Associated PressThe body of the victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was found in a shallow grave at the site of the crime.

But it wasn’t until this week that the medical examiner for Tarrant County announced its name and the identities of the dead.

State officials had said Thursday that the bodies of the four people who died were identified by the autopsy.

But Friday morning, the state released no names or identities.

State investigators have not released details of the incident, including when the victims were first discovered or why a bomb squad was called.

Officials with the Tarrance County Medical Examiner’s Office say they don’t know what led to the explosion at the Boston Community College campus.

They said Friday that it was not connected to the bombings.

The Tarrants County Sheriff’s Office says they have been told there was no explosion.