Why the India-Pakistan border dispute has taken a turn for the worse

India and Pakistan are engaged in an increasingly tense standoff at the Indian-Pakistani border, with both countries accusing each other of harbouring terrorists and committing war crimes.

The latest flare-up came when the Pakistan military fired a missile into India’s territory, killing a Border Security Force (BSF) soldier, triggering a diplomatic standoff that has dragged on for days.

The clash came amid a spike in cross-border attacks in recent months, when the Indian army has killed at least 18 Pakistani soldiers in cross border firing and shelling, triggering protests from both sides.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a dialogue between the two countries, but Pakistan’s top military chief has said that any such meeting would be “a sham”.

The BSF soldier’s death in the Uri attack on Sunday night has sparked the latest round of violence, which has claimed the lives of five people.

The latest killing occurred on the Pakistan-India border near the town of Dera Ghazi Khan.

The incident triggered India’s government to declare a state of emergency and impose travel restrictions on border areas.